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IBS Awareness month April 2019

April is IBS Awareness month here in the Uk and I have been trying to raise more awareness by showing that we are all, as sufferers, different .. in how we look and feel about our conditions .. By trying to gain images of fellow sufferers and our thoughts in one image ..

This has proven really tricky as IBS is still a touchy subject and many fellow sufferers do NOT want to show their faces.

This in itself is such a sad thing .. why should we feel bad or embarassed about what we have to endure day in day out ?

Its things like this that are keeping IBS awareness to a bare minimum .. feeling embarassed about it is a huge thing to many people I know, but without coming out and talking about it and sharing what we have to face, the full story of IBS will never be realised. IBS Awareness month is all of us coming together to try and overcome this and get the word out there, there is professional help out there in The IBS Network which isnt that well known of a help line as yet but with everyones help sharing then it should get the recognition it deserves.

As my journey is unfolding with my challenge I am seeing first hand that IBS is a thing that isnt being recognised enough.. Press are reluctant to run stories about it .. Companies that makes millions from us sufferers just arent interested in helping out in any small way .. believe me I have tried in vain with the major over the counter drugs companies, which shall remain nameless.

This really is down to us sufferers of the condition to get it out there, on our own and in our own way we have to do this, not just in April every year but every day of every year .. Dont hold back .. let your feelings out and share away.

Below are what I have got so far but am hoping to keep adding to this as the month progresses.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted stuff for this page .. its much needed and hugely appreciated. I hope that Team IBS running in the Sheffield half marathon on 14th April can get us some more well needed press and awareness across the board.



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Fellow sufferers thoughts

Sarah Du Feu

I don’t know how to express it as just one word. Or as a picture. Stigma I suppose would cover it. That IBS is somehow our fault.

The assumption from others that we suffer because our diet must be bad and full of junk - my diet couldn’t be cleaner, too much kale triggered my last attack. Yes that can be the case sometimes - binge on junk and pay the price! But for many of us just eating a small amount of a particular vegetable or fruit can cause a flare up.

That assumption that there’s nothing wrong with us really. It’s a diagnosis of not being able to find something physically wrong so it must be in our heads.

Which leads on to somehow we’re making up the severity of our symptoms, be that pain or urgency to find a toilet. After all everyone gets stomach ache sometimes right? Man up!

That we’re attention seeking or making too much of a fuss when out for meals. The assumption is that food intolerances cause minor bloating at worst when the reality is being doubled over in pain for a week! Just because our tummies don’t react straight away.

Sorry this doesn’t fit the brief for the project. Maybe someone more creative can do something with it? I am doing my bit by sharing posts with #ibsawarenessmonth, thanks to all for efforts to highlight the struggle!