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New Year New Challenge

20 half marathons in 20 months

Training for my first major full marathon in Sydney Australia in September 2020 has given me the idea to challenge myself further and see if I can get through 20 half marathons before my challenge culminates into the Full Marathon .. a mere 26miles around Sydney in the searing heat will be a huge challenge for myself so hopefully the training runs leading up to that moment will head me in good stead.

As well as the 20 half marathons ... some 13.1 miles each, I will also need to be upping my miles every month or two, keeping up with Saturday morning park runs, keeping up with Slinn Allstar running club training nights and I am in no doubt that I shall be entering other race distances in between.

Im really looking forward to taking on this epic journey in my life and I hope it all runs smoothly, without pain or injury.

I really hope my friends and family will get behind me once again and help raise money for the charity I have chosen .. this time it affects me in my life ... not just in my running capacity.

IBS is a relatively silent condition that many of us have but it doesnt get mentioned much. If I can also raise some more awareness of this condition and how to live with it, then I will be very appreciative of all your efforts.

Thank you all again



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