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Fundraising for The IBS network

In the past few years I have raised funds for a few different charities.

As an avid runner and IBS sufferer I have now decided to try and raise funds for the IBS network, a relatively small charity but one that is close to home and is worthy of supporting.

I am now working closely with the team to help raise funds and awareness of this debilitating condition that affects many people across the globe. Together I hope we can get more understanding for fellow sufferers.

Please help us by :-

  • Reading my story
  • Donating to the charity
  • Raising awareness
  • Come and support me in a race
  • Sponsor me
  • Join Team IBS

The IBS Network was established in 1991 as the national charity supporting people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Over the years the charity has grown and developed – changing names (formerly known as The Gut Trust), location and staff.  However, their core values have remained the same; to provide information, support and advice for people living with IBS.

Their mission is to provide information and advice, working alongside healthcare professionals to facilitate self-management. Thanks to your donations, they can help thousands of IBS sufferers to live well with this debilitating condition.

The IBS Network is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity No. 1173208


Click on the link to their website and see what they do .....


Any donation to the cause chosen will be taken through my total giving page ...

follow the link to donate .....

Please help me raise needed funds over the next 20 months .. lets make a difference in 2020


I would love to raise £2020 for this great cause ... I know this is a huge amount but hey ... it is a challenge !

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