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The next race will be Gloucester half marathon 20th January 2019


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Tuesday 18th December 2018

The IBS Network gut reaction December issue has a great article in it about myself.

ibs network article dec 2018


Swindon Advertiser -Thursday, October 4, 2018

Runner 'felt like he had been stabbed'

Jeff suffered IBS attack in half marathon.

Reece Chaplin

FITNESS fanatic Jeff Finnie managed to complete the Swindon Half Marathon in spite of suffering an irritable bowel syndrome attack a quarter of the way through the race.

The 51 year old says he was on fire up to the fifth mile and 38 minutes into the race. But then he suddenly felt as though he was being stabbed.

He was only diagnosed with IBS, a condition that affects the digestive system, four years ago. It causes symptoms like stomach cramps,bloating,diarrhoea and constipation.

The effects tend to come and go over time and can last for days, weeks or months at a time.

Jeff said: "It was very frustrating as i was cruising up until the point I had an IBS attack. It felt as though I was being stabbed with a knife and someone was continuously twisting it."

He had to run another mile-and-a-half before he found a toilet to use and even then he still didn't manage to relieve himself.

" I'm used to this happening to me, but not while running. I decided that the only thing i could do was grit my teeth and get on with it. "I'm still recovering from the event and it's been three weeks now"

But he is determined to carry on running. "I will not let this make me quit, I simply won't let it happen," said Jeff.

The security guard moved to Swindon from Sheffield in a bid to be near more runing events. He now runs four times a week and has already completed in 11 half marathons this year. He has even travelled to compete in both the Dallas and New York half marathons in America.

When his dad died two years ago it motivated him to be as active as possible while he still could. Jeff said: "I just want to enjoy life, and this is something I truly enjoy. It helps me keep fit and also is a way of keeping the condition under control."

" This is a way of proving to myself that i can still do it," he added.

The fitness enthusiast has set himself an epic challenge for next year, running 20 half marathons in 20 months. The final circuit will be a full marathon in Sydney, Australia.

He will be raising funds for the IBS Network, the only national charity in the UK that helps sufferers with the illness.

Anyone who wants to support him in his efforts can donate at

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