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Sometimes I like to write about my runs So I will keep adding them to this page for all to read. I'm no seasoned writer but i give it a go.

Running ... can I continue ? - 7th April 2019

When I first set up my challenge I wasn’t quite expecting to be writing about my running challenges, as the main issue for it all is my IBS and how it affects my life. The running part of all this was supposed to be the easy part, the part that got me from A to B and kept me going .. trying to hopefully keep my IBS on hold. However,  things don’t always go to plan so I’m finding I’m having to write a whole lot more than just about my IBS, which isn’t such a bad thing in a way that it’s documenting my journey along a different path as well.

April 7th 2019

After a seriously bad 8mile run yesterday I’m feeling totally deflated with running.
I have been so used to going out for a run and enjoying my time out there even in shitty cold weather but lately I’m beat .. this IT band issue that I have had for now around three months, is really killing off any last shred of love for it.
My runs are getting harder and harder, shorter and basic, all because if I hit it too hard, my knee suffers, if I hit the hills...bang ... my knees suffering and if I try for a short run ,my mind won’t let me, so yet again my knee suffers because I simply can’t just do a short run.
I really don’t know how I’ve got to this in such a short time.. my training is gone to pot.. I’ve put on an extra 10lbs.. probably due to depression and eating chocolate and I’m not anywhere near as excited about my upcoming races that are booked and paid for..except maybe the Phildadelphia run coming up in May.
Sheffield next week is filling me full of dread, due to the hills which I know is going to harm my knee yet again.
My physio exercises just aren’t giving me the gains quick enough to ease my anxiety at the situation and I’m seriously considering just walking away from my first full marathon coming up, as I know full well that my training isn’t enough to get me through it, unless I walk the whole 26 miles which really isn’t a route I want to have to go down.
The time  and effort I have put into my charity challenge is now gone to waste ..I can’t even grab the attention and energy within myself to propel this forward to another level. I’m questioning if I’ve taken on too much even though I know I’m capable of doing it and so much more under normal circumstances.
Injury like this is so much more than the physical effects on my body.. it’s creating havoc with my mind and my mind is losing the battle right now. The pains in my IT band are pale in comparison with the pains going through my brain.
The sad thing is, I havnt lost my mojo..
I still WANT to get out three or four times  a week and have a good run to clear my mind and leave my demons behind.
I still want to sign up for more half marathons.
I still want to grab more pb,s
And more than anything I want to crack my first marathon

I don’t want to have to sit around and rest rest rest
I don’t want to be miserable and in pain
I don’t want to HAVE to give up running
And again , more than anything else, I don’t want to go back being my old lazy,fat,miserable state that I was in before I started running.

But what is the solution ?




Refelecting on my running - 1st March 2019

So, lately I have been thinking a lot about my running. I guess its hardly surprising due to the fact that I am having problems.
Ive now been running around 5 years without much of an injury until last year when I slightly tore my ACL during a half marathon in Worcester .. that was a painful experience in itself and one which took quite a while to right itself. After that ordeal my running hasn’t really been up to scratch.. I think I now tend to be wary of hills way too much and take them much easier than I ever have done in the past.
Well now we are into March 2019 and once again I’m nursing injuries, this time it started with a tight left ankle which has now gradually worked its way up my leg and I’ve found out the outlying cause is my IT band and tight hamstrings.
 All this is new to me, I never expected I'd get a sports injury as I really don’t think I run that fast. However I may have started to go overboard with training in the last few months and it wasn’t unusual to see me doing 3 x half marathon distances in a week in training. I have gotten to the stage where I can’t see the point in getting all geared up for a short run.. its either a long run or nothing. I’m guessing this has been my downfall with my IT band issues of late but once you get into a mindset , what can you do?

So now into my 2nd month of physio and various exercises to help alleviate my issues , I’m starting out slowly from scratch to try and keep me going out running but yet keeping it short and giving in to the pain.
My knee pain had got so much that I was almost crying on the last few miles of my training runs, its been murderous but I kept going as far as I could. Eventually I have had to give in and right now I’m doing just 5k safe runs .. if the pain starts I’ve been quitting and walking home .. Thankfully I’m still being quite consistent with my pace.
My upcoming races are going to be the slowest times I’ve ever ran in a half marathon but I have to get through them as best I can.. 
I’m on a mission and a challenge and I cannot give in .. crazy ? Yes probably but if I have to walk then I will do just that. 
My challenge means more than doing my best, it means giving my all,  at whatever cost .. I am sure my injuries will subside in time and that I must look after my instruments carefully until such a time as they are healed and raring to go the full distance again. I’m really sure people would understand if I have to forgo a race but I couldn’t do it to myself at this stage in the game .. I have invested too much into this coming time in my running to fail.

Sometimes I guess the road is our enemy as well as our saviour .. the very thing we love running on so much, can also be the thing that can stop us. While out on the long open roads where I have time to reflect and think about stuff, I am constantly battling my inner thoughts and questioning everything I am doing … 

Am I running enough ?
Am I running too little ?
Am I paying enough attention to stretching ?
Am I paying enough attention to cross training ?
Have I paid too much attention to milage and not to variety ?
Have I simply gone too far ?
Should I be setting my sights to a lesser level of achievement ?
Should I remember I’m 52 years of age and possibly shouldn’t be doing this much after living an almost sedentary lifestyle most of my adult life ?

I guess the coming months will give me those answers and hopefully many more to my running quest towards getting me to my first marathon .. I can already foresee a lot of pain and suffering along that long path, but I am going to try and fight through it all and accomplish what I started out to do. If I’ve learned anything in life so far its to follow my dreams , make the most of every day and live life to the full. One day I won’t have those options so until that day, I will fight and I will conquer what my mind, body, and spirit can possibly dream for me to achieve in life.

We can do anything we can dream about as long as we have the balls to get on with it.



Swindon Park run January 26th 2019

Swindon parkrun results for event #435. Your time was 00:25:33.
Congratulations on completing your 15th parkrun and your 14th at Swindon parkrun today. You finished in 156th place and were the 132nd male out of a field of 586 parkrunners and you came 25th in your age category VM50-54. Your PB at Swindon parkrun remains 00:23:01.

So, I really should start listening to the signs..
Got home around 07:30 this morning from work.. the weather was great, nice mild winters morning,dry and not too cold to run, great I’ll go parkrun. I’m sniffling and sneezing like a madman but I feel fit enough to do a 5k run so I grabbed a nice hot cup of redbush tea and leisurely got dressed ready for the day.Firstly I put my Nike dry tights on .. only to realise ten minutes later I had still got NORMAL underwear on .. so off they came and under armour replaced them.. all is well, I’m ready to go.
Opened the front door’s now raining ffs so off I trot back upstairs for my rain mac, it’s not brilliant but it does the job for a while..definitely long enough for a 5k run.
While driving in the car my body decides it’s time to bring back my ankle pains .. great just what I need today after having a bit of a rest this week while I concentrated on my physio exercises to strengthen my ankle and loosen my tight hamstring. This was closely followed by more sniffling, sneezing and coughing .. I’ve had a tension headache the last few days so I thought I was coming down with something.. think it could be a bit of a head hopefully nothing to stop me running today.
I get to the park and the rain is a bit heavier already but it’s not bouncing so it’ll be fine.
I set off walking to the start area and the rain is now like a really fine mist rather than rain so that’s good right ?
I’ll try a bit of a warm up as I head for the start area so I look down at my garmin and press the set buttons .... it’s dead .. battery must’ve run down while I was at work last night .. bastard thing. It was at this point I also discovered I had left my aftershokz back in the car so as well as rain, no garmin, coughing and sneezing, I now have no fukin music either..I guess at this point I should’ve just gone home lol
But I persevered cos that’s us runners do, isn’t it?
I had a real hard time with today’s run .. I struggled to get round with the pain in my ankle returning .. the first mile was probably the worst painwise but it was kind of bearable as long as I didn’t go overboard.
Usually I have no problems keeping ahead of the 25minute pacer but today he passed me on the second lap although I did manage to keep him in my sights. On A normal day I would’ve had enough in me to catch him up at the finish line but today I had no chance.. the hill was about to kill me off again and it took all I had to not walk up the hill today on the last lap. In my head I knew I wasn’t going to get under 25minutes now.. I had nothing left for the hill and the rest of the course but I plodded along up the hill and to the final straight towards the finish line... now This, is usually where I pick up my tired feet and run my bollocks off but my chest was on fire, my legs were heavy as hell and I was sweating like a bitch, I have no idea about my time or pace and my body was telling me to act my age and give in 🤣🤣🤣
At about 20metres to go I actually managed to lengthen my stride and up the speed just enough to pass two people before the post, but inside I was dying. I was broken but I’d had finished my fifteenth park run and the third of the year so far.
Am I glad I ran today ? Yes
Should I have run today ? No

I should’ve read the signs and listened to my body and gone straight to bed 🤣🤣🤣

Before I became a runner, I would look at runners and think they were crazy, punishing their bodies in all weathers and thinking they should get a life. Now I know I was right lol
Except for the part that is, this is a great way to spend your life once you get into that mindset that you can overcome almost anything you set your mind to ... and tell the world to go fuck themselves, I’m a runner 😁😁😁



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