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I am funding this whole idea myself and as you can imagine, the costs are not cheap. Any help with costs along the way would be greatly appreciated and as such I will gladly promote you within the website and on social media and wherever i can.

Please drop me an email if you feel that you would like to sponsor myself in any small way.


Thank you to my sponsors so far


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I first met these guys at the Bristol half marathon, where they were promoting themselves and allowing people to try out their Aftershokz Bone Conducting Headphones. The only type of headphones now officially allowed in many races.

Watch out for the team at future events in the race calendar, drop by and test the products and get your hands on a pair of Aftershokz. Alternatively simply follow the link above and buy from the current line up - direct from the website.

innolife image from bristol half marathon 2018


Run Swindon

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This is my local running shop .. great customer service and friendly staff. Always on hand to give you great advice on anything running related. Try on the latest shoes, choose from some great gear and even have our gait tested.

A trip to this store is always a pleasure.

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Imagination Photography

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Paul Nicholls, local photographer has agreed to jump on board and help with this project over it's course and we will be trying to portray my ideas of what IBS is to me.

I really hope we can get together a group of images throughout the challenge that will tell the story of what its like living with and running with the condition. I'm really looking forward to working with Paul and hope that we can find some mutual territory during and after this is all over.


Thanks go out to those that have donated gifts for future projects :-

Medal Miles

Virtual running is a run that can be completed anywhere, anytime at any pace. Run or walk, on a treadmill, outside or just wherever is comfortable for you. Virtual running enables you to get rewards for your training, host a mini event or to simply set yourself a challenge. Medal Miles is the perfect motivation to get you up and running.

All their medals are open to runners, walkers, cyclists, hand cyclists, amputees, wheelchairs



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Runners / Athletes:  NipEAZE is protection for the most sensitive area of your torso. Discreet and durable, these adhesive covers help you stay focused on the run, not the painful chafing that comes from clothing friction. Easy to apply, comfortable, and affordable, NipEAZE is a must have accessory for extended workouts.


Thanks also go out to

Norman Wilson

At for donating a free place for my first race of the challenge.

Swindon Half Marathon

At For donating a free place to run in this years race on 22nd September 2019.

Runners world magazine

At for giving the challenge a mention in their February issue.


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